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Prisoners of the Void(Ch. 2): Kingdom of Spiders
“You idiot”, Mairon chided as he examined Melkor’s wounds with a worried expression, “What were you thinking?!”
“I just wanted the silmarils, that’s all!” Melkor protested, wincing, “Everything was going fine until Ungoliant turned on me.”
Mairon snorted.
“I told you not to trust that spider. Now look at you! Your hands look like lumps of charcoal and you can’t even change your form! Are those gems really worth it?”
“Of course! Look at them!”
 Mairon glanced down at the shining jewels that lit up the room, then back at his master’s burnt hands, looking unconvinced. Melkor tried a different approach, seeing that the beauty of his prizes wasn’t going to be enough to convince his Lieutenant that his injuries were worth it. Secretly, he wasn’t sure they were either, but he wasn’t about to admit he might have made a mistake.
“Look, the elves, the Feanorians, these
:iconfiretear501:Firetear501 3 0
Prisoners of The Void(Chapter One): An Old Enemy
Melkor gasped as his captors shoved him forward into the Void. He felt their hands leave his back as he tumbled into space, just barely managing to unfurl his dark wings and catch himself before he fell into the abyss below. He whipped around, the clinking chains  restricting his movement and slowing him down. In the moment before the doors were closed he saw the faces of the other Valar. Namo was watching him coldly, no trace of sympathy in his eyes, while his sister Nienna stood beside him, tears running down her beautiful caramel skin. Varda was looking at Manwe with sympathy in her silver eyes, seeming worried about something. Manwe raised his head, and his sky blue eyes met Melkor’s deep red-brown ones for a heartbeat that seemed to last an eternity.
Then the doors closed, and, with an ominous clank, were locked forever.
At that moment a terrible, soul wrenching pain washed over him. He gasped and doubled over, feeling as though his spirit was being ripped in two. He sh
:iconfiretear501:Firetear501 4 6
Child of Fire
Aule looked up, then quickly lowered his eyes with a small gasp.
“My lord Eru! I-to what do I owe this honor?” he stammered.
Aule wasn’t sure, as his head was still lowered, but he thought his Creator might have smiled. Eru so rarely walked among the Ainur now, that it was a rare honor when he appeared to one of them. Aule couldn’t think of why Eru would visit him tonight, unless he had done something to displease him.
“You have nothing to fear, my child”, Eru said, and Aule looked up to see his Creator smiling gently, "Come, walk with me”.
Aule followed his lord away from his forge and into Yavanna’s gardens. They walked in silence for a while, Aule pretending to admire his wife’s prized creations(which he did admire very much, and was often inspired by in his forging) while wondering what Eru was here for. Was Melkor causing problems again, designing things he had no right to create? Or perh
:iconfiretear501:Firetear501 6 4
Prisoners of the Void(Tolkien Fanfic)-Prologue
                                                                      The Timeless Void
The Void was hard to describe. It was nothing like Middle Earth, or Valinor, or any of the extant realms. It was…...well, a void. There were no sm
:iconfiretear501:Firetear501 5 3
Therizinosaurus WIP by Firetear501 Therizinosaurus WIP :iconfiretear501:Firetear501 2 0 Green Tree Python by Firetear501 Green Tree Python :iconfiretear501:Firetear501 5 4 Sharp Snow Boa by Firetear501 Sharp Snow Boa :iconfiretear501:Firetear501 3 2 Scourge, leader of Bloodclan by Firetear501 Scourge, leader of Bloodclan :iconfiretear501:Firetear501 4 3 Batsy by Firetear501 Batsy :iconfiretear501:Firetear501 2 2


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Mature content
In fire and blood P4/4 :iconidahl:IDAHL 54 11
Work in progress: Animation practice: Sauron by Tara1992 Work in progress: Animation practice: Sauron :icontara1992:Tara1992 9 2 Sauron sketch by Tara1992 Sauron sketch :icontara1992:Tara1992 13 3 Manwe and Melkor by Tara1992 Manwe and Melkor :icontara1992:Tara1992 41 3 Young Melkor and Manwe by EPH-SAN1634 Young Melkor and Manwe :iconeph-san1634:EPH-SAN1634 20 25 1 by AncksiestasInh 1 :iconancksiestasinh:AncksiestasInh 14 1



Hey guys, sorry the next chapter of "Prisoners of the Void" is taking so long to be posted. It's taking quite a bit longer than I expected to write it, even though I know what I want to write. Everything's just sounding.....weird, when I write it down, as it usually just plays out like a movie in my head. I will post it soon though! Just thought I should let ya'll know what's going on.

Thanks for being patient!

.....Melkor says "hi", by the way;-)
So I was tagged by :iconseolfora:


1) Write down every letter in your name
2) Write down a song that pops into your head beginning with each letter.
3) Count the number of letters and TAG that many people.

F: Firelight
I: It's Time
R: Radioactive
E: Everybody Wants to Rule the World
T: The Real World
E: Elisium
A: Away in the Manger
R: Raised by Wolves

And I tag:









If anyone I tagged didn't want to be tagged, I'm sorry. Please don't kill me.

EDIT: It appears I don't know how to tag people properly. -sigh-
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I'm a female, christian furry from the U.S. I hope that one day art won't just be a hobby, but a career for me. I usually work traditionally, mostly with, pens, pencils, and markers. Some of my favorite things to draw are dragons and anthropomorphic animals. I also love to write fan-fiction and draw fan-art! I hope to someday open up commissions on here, but right now I'm still working on improving my art. I value every one of my watchers, and if you give me a llama, I'll thank you by giving one back:-)
I am very much into mythology, especially Japanese mythology. Kitsune and dragons are two of my favorite mythological creatures.

Love you all!

I'm also in Loki's army. KNEEL!



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